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The small drum carder is designed for the most convenient and quick combing of sheep, dog, camel, and goat hair. This drum carder is more compact compared to the larger one.

The width of the carded web is 15.2 cm (four rows of carded tape).

The wool is first cleaned of foreign particles, washed, dried and then processed on a drum carder.

As a result, carding is obtained, or in other words baht - wool.

Combing wool on a drum carder will produce a homogeneous product ready for spinning or felting.

You can also mix wool of different colors, types, with different fibers.

A drum carder will be an excellent helper if you generate a lot of animal hair in the household, as well as if you do handicrafts, in particular felting wool.

The carder is assembled from moisture-resistant plywood on highly wear-resistant shafts made of U8 carbon steel.

The package includes:

1. drum carder small - 1 piece,
2. manual carder - 1 piece,
3. clamps - 2 pieces,
4. key - 1 piece,
5. awl - 1 piece.


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